Montreal Impact vs. Toronto FC

May 28, 2008

Montreal ImpactToronto FC

So the Montreal Impact look to be on their way to a possible MLS entry, playing a great game agains the MLS’s Toronto FC at Montreal’s Saputo Stadium. Unfortunately they lost in this interleague match, 1 – 0, which kills their chance to play in the CONCACAF’s new Champion’s League. My only problem is why the hell wasn’t this match shown on CBC’s main broadcast in the evening (It was played on their CBC Sports, and their new Bold cable stations), only getting a replay at midnight on the main network. CBC should be trying to promote this game, especially since there wasn’t anything good on anyways.


Vista driver really does contain Sodium Benzoate?!!

March 5, 2008

It turns out that Vista Sigmatel audio driver for my DELL XPS M1530 laptop actually reduces it’s functionality. Sound cards come with the ability to record the audio that is passing through the card via the Stereo Mixer. This is the case when Windows XP is installed on the M1530, but once you upgrade to Vista and install the Sigmatel Vista driver, this functionality is removed.

Browsing the Dell Community forums it seems this is deliberate attempt by the RIAA and Dell to stop people from recording audio that is streaming into their computers (this functionality allows people to record audio from any source). Basically they’ve DRMed the bitch up so that people that actually legally need to record audio this way simply cannot with out downgrading (errr, I think I may mean UPGRADING) to the XP driver. A proper fix has been in the works for like a year already with no proper driver update solution in sight.

What bunch of bull crap.

New Laptop with Vista… It Contains Sodium Benzoate… Which is bad!

March 4, 2008

That’s how I feel about Vista, not very good at all. To rename a folder I created a dialog appears, I apparently need to be permission first… I click continue, and then my screen goes black, a dialog appears and tells me a Windows needs my permission to perform an operation to which I again need to click ok too… Why do I need to click twice to perform a simple folder rename operation?!!

Ze is back in video form… for now.

November 20, 2007

In a move that made me and will make my friend Tim rejoice; Zefrank has put out a few videocasts while the hollywood writers strike is going on… You may remember Zefrank from such videocasts as The Show with Zefrank.

Also Tim is happy, because with each new post I make, the photo of him in that has appeared on the home page of this blog for the past year slowly moves a post closer to moving page two!