Ivan Hrvatska – Canada’s version of a Croatian Borat?

So Christmas and New Years came and went and with it my normal routine of listening to my select few podcasts for a couple weeks. So this week at work I synced my pod and listened to holiday edition of the CBC Radio 3 Podcast. I skipped most of the songs because the holidays were over and listening to holiday songs after Christmas will just cause you to go mental, but all the songs were originals and not so sucky, I tended to listen to at least a bit of the songs, that is until I reached the final song, “Make Love to You Then Make Love to Christmas”, where I heard quite possibly Canada’s answer to Borat and that other guy from Turkey

Ivan Hrvatska

Meet Ivan Hrvatska. Born in Croatia, living in Vancouver, he bills himself as a “Slavic lover, rocker, and captain of the Croatian drinking team since 2002”. He has independently released an album; a few full songs are available at his Myspace page, and the entire album can be heard at the CBC Radio 3 website. He seems to want to make love to a lot of different things, especially National holidays, and he’s obsessed with Vancouver Canucks. Take a listen, see how much you can stand, and let me know what you think. And if you can translate the Croatia Day Whiskey Song for me that would be awesome.


10 Responses to “Ivan Hrvatska – Canada’s version of a Croatian Borat?”

  1. DarkoV Says:

    Hey! Great link. If you don;t mind, I included the links in my blog as well, giving you all of the Discoverer credit, of course. As a Croatian, I am caught between shame and pride, a thin line, that.

  2. Dave Says:

    Ya, no problem, link away… I’m glad there isn’t a Ivan Slovenska out there, but I’m sure people would think he was Slovakian… Let me know how long it takes to listen to this guy before your ears start to bleed! Is the music that’s playing based on traditional Croatian songs?

  3. DarkoV Says:

    Dave, I’ll let you know about the ears bleeding part. While I’m a keen listener of Croatian instrumental music, I’m not the obligatory fan of the vocals. Let’s just say that Croatian is not one of the most melodious languages happening. It’s a great language for arguing; not so good for singing.

  4. Tina Says:

    I like this guy! Am I Croatian? Yes! We like to party, and this guy wants to party with everyone! Nothing wrong with that. Enough already, can’t we all get along? This guy wants to!

  5. Marko Says:

    The fake mustache is very lousy, he should grow his own natural one would look way way better. Im also cought between the line of shame and proud of this guy, I mean he looks/sounds like a starving refugee, he is putting on a show just to pay bills i think…

  6. Tim Says:

    Is that the guy from the I.T. Crowd? Renham Denham dude or whatever?

  7. Dave Says:

    Ya he definitely looks a lot like Chris Morris, the guy who played Denholm Reynholm in IT Crowd.

  8. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  9. misipile Says:

    hi dave,

    here it is, translation that you’ve requested. this guy is nuts, i’m ashamed.

    now i’ll sing in croatian for croatia
    let’s go!

    i’m going to brac
    i’m going to swim
    i’m going to split
    i’m going to get boozed
    i’m going to zagreb
    to make a party
    i’m going to dubrovnik
    to watch the old houses

    give us rakija [croatian strong alcoholic drink, similar to whiskey]
    give give give
    give croatian rakija
    croatian rakija
    give give give…

    we’re going to town
    to drink a beer
    we’re going to town
    to have a laugh
    we’re going to town
    to drink a beer
    we’re going to town
    to get boozed


    hey, this is the day for croatia
    but now we’ll learn loud ‘let’s go for everyone’

    [english part]

  10. plavusa Says:

    lepo 🙂

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